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By focussing on the manufacture of a standard range of products, we at Oak Frames Direct can offer you the highest quality oak frame buildings at an affordable price. We have a great selection of buildings to choose from and offer the following added benefits:

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"Locally sourced green oak has the lowest embodied energy of any primary building material."

Please use the nav bar on the left to find the product of your choice. There is a great selection to choose from whatever your building plans, including complexes and workshops for oak frame extensions which fit easily together using traditional jointing techniques.
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Our oak framed gazebo kits are made are of 100 per cent green oak, are fully jointed and ready to be put together and fit. Oak Frames 3
Similarly, our oak framed porches (including rafters) are made from green oak and pre- jointed using traditional jointing techniques. Both make delightful additions to any house or garden.

We supply to customers throughout the UK so do not hesitate to order your timber frames wherever you are located.
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