Oak Frame Questions and Answers
Oak Frame Questions and Answers
What are the black marks on my frame and how do I remove them?
Due to the natural moisture content of Green Oak, you may notice natural tannins (black marks) appearing on your oak. These marks will naturally disappear with time but if you wish to remove them straight away you can use a product called oxalic acid.
We recommend using Rubio Monocoat's Tannin Remover, a ready-to-use product that removes the black stains and spots on wood caused by a reaction to acid and water. Tannin Remover can be purchased from Rubio Monocoat here.
What items are actually included within the price?
All main posts, soleplates, eaves beams and the curved braces are in green oak, together with rafters and studwork in treated softwood. The frame is manufactured using traditional building methods, using full timber joints. The price also includes all necessary softwood weatherboard, staddle stones, DPC for laying under the soleplate and a fixings pack (which includes enough nails, timber plugs, pegs, pins and coach screws to fully assemble the frame and weatherboard). Also included is a full set of clear, easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The separate prices shown for bricks are for custom 140mm bricks suitable for laying a single skin of brickwork to sit flush with the soleplate and posts.
What treatment has been applied to the Softwood Weatherboard?
Softwood weatherboard is Vac-Vac treated with a clear Vac-Sol preservative (which is a water based pressure treatment).
What treatment do you suggest for softwood weatherboard once erected?
Stain as soon as possible with the colour of your choice to stop water penetration, and to give an even colouring.
What happens if I do not treat the weatherboard?
If left unstained the timber will weather unevenly and go a patchy grey colour in appearance. Untreated boarding will also absorb moisture leaving the inside face damp during long periods of inclement weather.
Will I need to treat my joinery once it has been erected on site?
All joinery should be treated as soon as possible after installation (within 4 weeks) on both sides and all edges.
Can I have other types of weatherboard instead of Softwood?
Oak or western red cedar weatherboard are also available, please call us for prices.
Are the oak posts treated?
No, dark marks may appear on the oak timbers. This is a natural occurrence where tannin within the timber is released and will fade in due course. The visual impact of these marks can be reduced with the application of oxalic acid.
Erection of Frame
Erection of Frame
Would I be able to erect the frame myself?
If you have a joinery and/or carpentry background this would be a suitable project. Lifting equipment is essential due to the weight of the oak beams.
How long will it take to erect the Frame?
An experienced oak frame assembly team would take between 1-4 days to assemble the frame depending upon the style of frame and experience of the team (approximately 1 day per 2 bay without joinery).

A less experienced team will take longer than this.
How many people will I need and at what skill level?
A minimum of 2 people will be needed to erect the frame and one of these should preferably have a carpentry background.
Brick Packs
Brick Packs
Can I buy the bricks for the base of my building from you?
Yes, we can supply a 140mm brick which are the same size as the base plate supplied thus eliminating having to use two skins of bricks.
CAD / Drawings
CAD / Drawings
Are drawings issued for the Frame?
Easy-to-follow instructions for the erection of the building are supplied on placement/delivery of order. The drawings are of the highest quality with attention to detail.
Who is responsible for checking my completed groundworks before I receive my frame?
You should ensure that your Groundworker's contract includes a provision to ensure that the foundations they have laid are accurate and suitable to accept our oak frames.
Independent Posts
Independent Posts
The independent posts sit on staddle stones, are these included within the price?
Yes, staddle stones will be supplied with the building and are included within the cost.
Material Shortages
Material Shortages
What do I do if I find any shortages of Materials?
We ensure that sufficient materials are supplied with every frame. A full check sheet is supplied with delivery of the frame and our yard team make careful checks on your delivery before despatch to make sure that everything has been included. In the rare event that you find any shortages upon delivery/collection these must be checked and noted at the point of delivery and/or collection.
Structural Calculations
Structural Calculations
Would I need Structural Calculations for this building?
Yes, if Building Control are involved, we will supply these for your building upon request with your order at no extra cost.
Delivery / Transport
Delivery / Transport
Is delivery included within the cost of the building?
No, the building can be collected from our yard or please ask and a cost can be given should you require the building to be delivered to your premises.
If I collect the building from your premises, what size vehicle would be needed for the Frame / joinery to be loaded onto?
A 20' Flatbed (6.5m) - capable of carrying up to 4.5 tonnes.
What size is the vehicle that will come to site?
Vehicle gap clearance required (if lorry can approach it square on) for access to the site - 3m wide and sufficient for a vehicle 2.55m wide x 11m in length and 6.1m in height.
What sort of weight is the Lorry?
The Lorry can weigh up to 23 Tons. If your drive has not been built to take this type of load there is the possibility it could cause damage.
How will the building be off loaded from the lorry?
The Lorry has a Hiab attached to it so it can lift a certain amount of weight on the back of its bed without a forklift or telehandler.
What happens if my access will not take this size Lorry?
Then arrangements will be needed to be made by you for another form of transport to take the building from the nearest available drop off point to your site.
Additional information
Additional information
What other costs may I need to incur on the building?
Planning and Building Control if required, you may have local authority fees to pay for planning and building control and / or consultants fees if you engage a third party to provide these services.
Groundworks You will need to engage a Groundworker to prepare foundations and brickwork to accept the building.
Assembly & Decoration If you do not assemble or decorate the frame yourself, you will need to engage a local carpenter and decorator to do this for you.
Roofing You will need to engage a roofer to install a roof covering (normally, felt, battens and tiles, slate or shingles).
Planning / Building Control Questions
Planning / Building Control Questions
Do I need Planning Permission?
You would need to consult your planning specialist or your local authority - If planning is not required it is always advisable to get it in writing from your local authority.
Do I need Building Control?
Depends on whether you have a detached single storey building, having a floor area which does not exceed 30m², which contains no sleeping accommodation and is a building:

(a) No point of which is less than one metre from the boundary of its curtilage; and (b) which is constructed substantially of non-combustible material; or

(b) A detached building, having a floor area which does not exceed 15m² and does not contain sleeping accommodation.
Financial questions
Financial questions
How can you sell your frames at prices much lower than other suppliers?
We are able to keep our prices lower than other oak frame companies as we have geared ourselves up to just supply a pre-defined range of oak frames for which we have set drawings and manufacturing plans and can therefore achieve both consistency and economies of scale in our materials prices.
What are the payment Terms?
20% of your order value is due on placement of order with the balance of 80% due 7 days prior to delivery/collection.
Can I pay by Credit Card?
You can make payment by VISA, Delta or MasterCard credit card.
I am uneasy about paying all the money before I see the building, can I hold a balance until I see the building on site?
The 80% payment due 7 days prior to delivery/collection can be paid by Credit Card or cash or bankers draft on collection from our yard.
Once I have placed the order will there be any charges if I change my mind on the design?
There may be additional charges to pay if any materials have been purchased for your original design and/or production of your original design has already started. You will also have to pay any additional charges if your new design is more expensive than your original one.